Anita Radcliffe (Anita Dearly in the live-action version and television series) is a character from the popular Disney 1961 feature film, One Hundred and One Dalmatians and its sequel. She was voiced by Lisa Davis in the first film, Kath Soucie in the animated series, and Jodi Benson in the sequel film, and portrayed by Joely Richardson in the 1996 live-action film.

Anita is the wife of Roger Radcliffe and owner of Perdita. She is beautiful, kind, and smart. She also is shown to be devoted to her husband, and loving toward Perdita, Pongo, and the puppies. The first film establishes that she is was a schoolmate to Cruella de Vil, and the two apparently shared a friendship at one point. By adulthood, Anita seems to be exhausted after Cruella's meetings, and admits at one point that Cruella is eccentric.

Source: Disney Wiki