In the first movie in the Mummy series, The Mummy (1999), Evelyn Carnahan is a librarian working in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities when her brother Jonathan brings her an artifact that turns out to be a real relic of Ancient Egypt. Evelyn's father was British explorer and her mother was Egyptian. Evelyn has heard of the ancient city of Hamunaptra, and believes this relic is a clue to finding the city.

Evelyn is intelligent, clever, witty, and brave. She is one of my absolute favorite characters of all time, and Rachel Weisz's portrayal of her is just perfect

As time goes on, Evelyn encounters Rick O'Connell, who knows the way to Hamunaptra, and rescues him from certain death in exchange for his help. They find the ancient city, where Evelyn reads from the Book of the Dead and awakens Imhotep, a High Priest whose goal is to resurrect his love and who brings plagues upon the world.

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