Fuka was a kunoichi from the group of grave robbers who had dug up four of the dead Twelve Guardian Ninja.

Fuka's most noteworthy trait was her ability to use all five basic elements. By absorbing an individual's chakra through her kiss, she augments her own natural affinity for a said element by through the victim's own. This gives her a diverse array of ninjutsu. She can create assaulting water streams, move through or attack with earth, unleash a barrage of fireballs, unleash powerful electrical streams, or create powerful wind bursts. She also is skilled in combining the various elements to produce more potent assaults.

Because her body can only house just so much chakra, she has separated her consciousness from her actual body and stored it in her hair. At the same time, she has obtained five separate and identical bodies, each housing a different skill set. In battle, she will seamlessly switch between different bodies stored in a scroll, which can also create the illusion of instantaneous healing and have access to a myriad of techniques at once. However, should one of the bodies be destroyed Fuka will completely lose access to the chakra and techniques stored within it.

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