Aino Minako/Sailor Venus

Minako is also known as Sailor V and Sailor Venus.

Minako Aino is a popular teen idol and singer. She uses references to her life to title her songs. For example, her second album is titled "Venus" and her most popular song is "C'est la Vie" which is a pun on Sailor V.

Minako is a calm, quiet, and deeply solemn person who does not smile often. She is shown leading her double life as a pop singer and as a Senshi. She remains separate from the other four soldiers until she reveals herself and discards her Sailor V form for her true form, Sailor Venus. Even after this, she still distances herself from the other girls due to her frustration that they all lack focus, but mostly due to a terminal illness she harbors, because she believes that if they become friends and she dies a probable death, they will become saddened by it.

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